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The Accountants KnowHow Club

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If you want to improve your business and your life then

Is your accounting business really working for you?
  • Are you firefighting a lot and therefore struggling to scale?
    As you grow your accounting business are you busier and more pressured?
    Do your team bring you more problems than solutions?
    Is it hard to find the time to focus on growth and scalability?

    65.98% of Accountants surveyed struggle in these areas.

    Putting in place scalability mechanisms enables you to...

    ✅ fight fewer fires
    ✅ choose the hours you work in the business
    ✅ choose your role in the business
    ✅ develop your team to deal with more queries and problems
    ✅ grow your accounting business without stress and effort

    If you’re not entirely happy with your answers then The Accountants KnowHow Club is the answer.
  • Do you have the right pricing strategy in place?
    Are your prices representative of the profession?
    Do you experience scope creep?
    Do you worry that if you charged more, you’d lose clients?
    Are you collecting in the money straight away?

    84.67% of accountants surveyed experience the above pricing related challenges.

    A great pricing strategy means:

    ✅ increased profitability and cashflow
    ✅ more accurate pricing
    ✅ improved client satisfaction
    ✅ better time management
    ✅ ability to employ help to leverage your time.

    If you’re not entirely happy with your answers then The Accountants KnowHow Club is the answer.
  • Do your clients make your life easy or hard?
    Do they:

    ⁃ bring in information when you need it?
    ⁃ respect you and your time?
    ⁃ expect everything at the last minute and for free?
    ⁃ listen, appreciate you and take your advice?
    ⁃ pay you on time?
    ⁃ fill you with dread when you see their number come up?

    72.54% of accountants surveyed experience the above challenges. It doesn't have to be this way.

    There are different definitions of great clients, but most accountants want clients who...

    ✅ don't need to be chased for information
    ✅ take your advice
    ✅ don't mind paying great fees for great value
    ✅ are a pleasure to work with.

    If you’re not entirely happy with your answers then The Accountants KnowHow Club is the answer.
  • Are you living the lifestyle you and your family deserve?
    Are you working only the hours that you really want to work?
    Are you able to take as many holidays as you and your family would like?
    Do you have the time to pursue interests and hobbies outside of work?
    Do you spend more time thinking about work than ‘being there’ for your family?
    How is running your accounting firm affecting your health?

    65.98% of accountants surveyed are NOT happy with their work/life balance.

    Achieving an accounting business that gives you a preferred life/work balance means:

    You get to choose:
    ✅ The hours you work
    ✅ The role you play
    ✅ The income your take
    ✅ The difference you make

    If you’re not entirely happy with your answers then The Accountants KnowHow Club is the answer.
88% of accountants who run their own business want to improve...


And Have...

 Less stress  SHORTer working hours  More hobbies  

 Better personal relationships  better financials 

If you're one of them then The Accountants KnowHow Club will help you.

Access Unlimited Proven, Powerful, Bite-Sized Accounting Business Improvement Sessions.
It's PACKED with resources, advice, and training to help you take your accounting business to where you want it to go. 

You're in safe hands because it's supported by 25 years of experience and research.

Tried and tested strategies, proven to overcome the typical challenges you face daily.

Practical insights from world leading industry experts and award-winning accountants.

Build your skills and confidence to deliver the type of services you want to deliver, to the clients you love working with, for the fees you truly deserve.

Leverage the power of community to accelerate your progress.

"Just joined this club and I already love it!"

Oana Manase
Accountant and Business Consultant, OM Innovate

If you want to improve your business and your life then

What your fellow accountants say about this training

Attila Fekete went through the entire structured programme in 3 weeks and it transformed his accounting practice and got him his life back..

Craig Dyer commits a lunchtime per week to go through the programme with his team.  The results have increased his turnover 25 - 40% in just weeks.

"This is gold, beautifully explained. I have yet to attend one of these training sessions where I have not learned something new, useful and engaging."

Gordon D'Silva
Owner of award-winning Gordons Knight Accountants

"Reassuring! Common sense advice combined with new ideas for navigating unusual times!"

Charlotte Fernley
Founder of My Accountancy Space

"I have found these training sessions to be very helpful for keeping up with all aspects of accountants day to day requirements. Mental health, accounts and marketing."

Louise Beech
Director of Paul Beech & Co. Ltd.

If you want to improve your business and your life then

Super affordable for every accountant - trial for £1 - then just £6.99 per month
We’ve made the Club super affordable because:

There’s a ton of information available online – but much of it is contradictory, lacks credibility and isn’t specifically designed for accountants.

Our proven training is based on years of experience working with accountants, delivered in a specific way that helps you get the results you want. 

For a low monthly fee, you get unlimited access to premium content - "it's like Netflix for accountants".

Join hundreds of accountants already benefiting from our programme with a 30 day trial. 

Your £1 trial fee goes directly to charity, and a portion of your monthly investment does as well.

How your trial works

If you want to improve your business and your life then

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What you get when you join today

Accountancy Business Analysis Tool

  • Use it to ascertain which parts of your accounting business have the most potential for improvement.
  • Get a comprehensive report with specific recommendations.

Unlimited Access

More than 600 ways to improve your accounting business

  • choose your topics depending on your biggest needs
  • earn CPD points in business skills development
  • 100% accounting business focus
  • training on demand
  • online training
  • choose to attend weekly live sessions and ask questions

Learn how to...

  • price your services better
  • attract higher-quality clients
  • improve cashflow 
  • provide more value 
  • recruit the right team 
  • build your advisory skills 
  • network effectively 
  • leverage your time and income
  • and much more

Flagship accounting business improvement programme

  • Follow the structured programme covering every aspect of running an accounting business.
  • Based on best practice standards achieve by the best 1 - 3 partner accounting businesses.

Lightbulb moments learning vault

  • Dip in and out of the vast library of training material and downloadable resources.

Learning that suits you

  • Videos and downloadable resources - from 1 minute tips to in-depth workshops

If you want to improve your business and your life then

A personal message To You

Shane Lukas - Owner of AVN Inspiring Accountants

“In the last 25 years of working with accountants, I’ve seen the same issues come up again and again.


They work too many hours, doing work that isn’t fulfilling and that their clients don’t really value. But they can’t see how to do things differently and they don’t have the confidence to try. 


Because although they’re highly qualified and they’re GREAT accountants, they never learned how to run an accounting business. 


That’s why we’ve created The Accountants KnowHow Club. 


This is the training you didn't get when you studied to be an accountant. It's 'business owner' skills training. 


The expert advice and innovative tools show you how to develop a profitable, future-proofed accounting business. A business where you have the freedom to do the kind of work you want, to charge the fees you deserve – and offer the services your clients really value so you help their businesses succeed. 


This platform is the solution you've been searching for. 


AND … 

You can trust that it's created and maintained by my amazing team of Accounting Business Growth Experts at my award winning business AVN - Inspiring Accountants.

Lloyds Business Enabler of the year awardRated 4.7 out of 5 on Trust PilotAssociation of the year awardSME National Business AwardsB1G1 Business For Good

AND … 

I know what a profound difference accountants can make in the world. 

So we’re giving your £1 trial subscription fee to charities that support businesses in the developing world. And if you decide to subscribe, part of that fee will also go those charities (more details in FAQs). 

Join me in this exciting journey, let's make a difference together!" 


Shane Lukas

Advising the profession for over 25 years 

Founder of The Accountants KnowHow Club

If you want to improve your business and your life then

Frequently Asked Questions
  • There's training on YouTube, why pay?

    There's no substitute for a going through a step by step accounting business improvement programme.

    There are literally millions of tips, strategies, how-tos and tutorials on YouTube and similar platforms.

    The problem is, there's so much, many of it is contradictory, and the credibility is often questionable.- and, these often don't give you the full picture, just enough to see you something.

    All of the content within this platform is vetted.
    It's delivered by credible accounting industry experts.
    It's the complete picture.
    It comes with extra downloadable resources where appropriate.

    It complements AVN's tried and tested training, experience and research that has successfully helped thousands of accountants improve their accounting business and achieve their aspirations whether already established or just getting going.
  • Can the value really be that good for £6.99 a month?
    Just as Netflix and Spotify transformed the film and music industries respectively to deliver affordable access to unlimited premium content...

    ...the Accountants KnowHow Club brings you world-class accounting business improvement training for this small monthly fee.

    The training is delivered by accounting industry experts from around the world, award-winning practicing accountants and Practice Growth Experts from AVN.

    The strategies you'll learn are practical, not theoretical, and they've already been proven to work by thousands of accountants.

    It's premium, high quality content for accountants everywhere.
  • Who are these leading experts?
    To name a few...

    Shane Lukas - Author of the best selling books for accountants: What's Next For Accountants and Putting Excellence Into Practice.

    Steve Pipe - Author of The UK's Best Accountants, The World's Most Inspiring Accountants and many more

    Paul Dunn - Author of The Firm of the Future and Time's Up

    Roger Knecht - President of Universal Accounting Center

    The list goes on.
  • Which topics do you cover?
    Literally, everything you need to build and grow a profitable, enjoyable accounting business that gives you a great lifestyle.

    Pricing for maximum profit
    Attracting your ideal clients
    Improving cashflow
    Maximising client potential
    Selling and delivering added value
    Easing into Advisory
    Building an awesome team
    Developing your leadership skills
    Exiting your business
    Scaling your business
    Starting your business
    Wellness in the workplace.
    Systemising your business

    Delivered in a variety of different sessions, from 1 minute videos through to in-depth workshops.
  • How long will it take to go through the training?
    There are two components to The Accountants KnowHow Club.

    Structured Improvement Journey - a structured training programme put together by AVN.
    Every session is designed to give you the skills and confidence to implement that learning and see immediate results. You can take this as far as you wish.

    Lightbulb Moments Learning Vault - full of hundreds of training sessions delivered by many different experts from around the world. There are over 250 lessons in this section with more added every month. Dip in and out of the topics that are most relevant to you.
  • How long are the training sessions?
    The sessions range from:

    1 minute quick inspiration tips
    5 - 7 minute specific 'how to' action recommendations
    20 minute workshop style training sessions
    50-60 minute deep level value sessions.
  • Will I have to pay more for some of the content?

    There is no requirement to purchase any additional content within the platform and everything within the platform is fully available to you.

    We insist that every guest speaker provides value in their training session. You'll find that some speakers provide contact details if you want to get in touch with them for any reason, e.g. for more information or to work with them.
  • How often is new content added?
    We continue to add between 4 and 6 sessions of new, fresh, up to date and timely training every single month. The latest content will be in the section called What's New so that you don't miss the latest update.
About you and about us
  • What size of accounting business is this for?
    Whether you've been running your accounting business for 50 years or 5 minutes the principles of good accounting business are the same.

    If it's a lifestyle business or you're scaling from 7 figures to 8 figures and beyond everything you need is in here to do it.

    Many accounting business owners experience similar challenges.

    Profits could be better but there's a fear of losing clients to the competition
    Too much work in progress
    Scope creep
    Working too many hours.
    The list goes on.

    The focus of the Accountants KnowHow Club is to give you the skills to overcome these challenges and take your business to where you want it to be. Better lifestyle business to world domination!!

    Every step of the way you will have the knowhow to improve your profits, increase your freedom and enjoyment and reduce your pressures and stresses.

    Whilst the majority of accountants in this platform are 1 - 3 owner accounting businesses, there are also very large multi-partner firms and micro level accountants too.

    There really is something for everyone.
  • Why should I choose you?
    The Accountants KnowHow Club is based on 25 years of successfully transforming accounting businesses.

    It's created by multi award winning coaching and training business for Accountants AVN.

    Endorsed and supported by globally recognised professional bodies and providers to the profession.

    Delivered by leading authorities and award winning accountants.

    Covering every topic you need to run a successful accounting business.

    Including proven, structured, step by step programmes to accelerate your journey to achieving your vision and goals for your business and your life.

    Premium, vetted training that you won't find on YouTube.

    Already trusted by over 200 accountants and increasing daily.
  • Who are AVN?
    AVN is a coaching and training organisation for accountants in practice.

    We are a team of 16 people including Accounting Practice Growth experts, researchers and developers with a collective experience within the accounting profession of over 170 years.

    For over 25 years, we have worked with more than 4000 accountants to help them grow their profits, achieve freedom from the daily treadmill, choose the role they play in their business and enjoy a great lifestyle.
  • How do I cancel if it's not right for me?
    You can cancel at anytime and there's the option to cancel on every invoice. As soon as you begin your trial you'll receive an email with your cancellation link on it.

    In addition, 5 days into your 7 day trial, you'll also get a reminder that your trial is ending.

    And if you continue, you can still cancel at any time.
  • Is my payment secure?
    We've chosen to use ThriveCart as a highly trusted, secure payment gateway.
    Of course, you should never pay for anything over the internet if you're using public wifi.
  • Will I be locked into a contract?
    Absolutely not - you can cancel at any time.
  • Where does my charity donation go?
    Every £1 trial donation goes directly to helping women in Malawi to grow a business.

    Training to enable a woman to lift her family from the cycle of poverty by providing fortnightly business mentoring sessions. On-going training is essential in imparting relevant skills such as financial literacy to ensure that their businesses are sustainable and profitable in the long run, allowing them to contribute to the livelihood of their families.

    Every month that you remain with us a proportion of your subscription goes to helping a person in Kenya to set up a business.

    Running a beekeeping business can be a sustainable and ongoing way of income generation for farmers and entire families. Having a stable source of income can help not only families, but also smaller communities to improve together, have access to nourishing food, a safe living environment and high quality education for the upcoming generations to break the poverty cycle.

    Our charity donations are managed through B1G1 - Business For Good.

If you want to improve your business and your life then

If you need to speak to a human being, our team would be very happy to help.  

Business operating hours are Monday to Thursday 9am until 5pm, Friday 9am until 3pm.  These are UK (GMT) times.

Our business telephone number is +44 (0)1246 571191. You can email us on